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We welcome your interest in career opportunities at AWI Management Corporation.

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Employee Testimonials

Here's what some of our employees have to say about working for AWI

I've worked for AWI since 2002 and it has been a joy. I love my job and working with so many amazing people over the years. Tina and Michael are the best bosses I`ve ever worked for. I hope to travel up to their corporate office one day to finally meet everyone. The staff there does an amazing job. I wouldn't want to work for anyone else. I love it here in Temecula. — Linda

I chose to work for AWI during a takeover in property ownership. During this time there was no certainty as what would take place, but I am grateful AWI offered me the opportunity to become part of the team. Some of my favorite things about working for AWI is the support I have received from my Regional Manager and Compliance personnel. Another thing I think is great is the organization and uniformity that AWI has in place as far as standardizing the office set-up. My experience with AWI so far has been awesome! I've had the privilege of being part of a property rehab and felt the comments offered by myself and the property's staff were taken into consideration…some suggestions were even implemented. I feel that AWI has allowed me to be part of a Team of Management Professionals who work together to effectively manage our communities. — David

When I came to work for AWI it was because they happened to have a position available in a small tourist town that I wanted to move to. While I am no longer in that town, I have stayed with AWI because they have proven to be a dependable company that cares for their employees. AWI provides the leadership, tools and training necessary to set their employees up to succeed. I am grateful to AWI for all the years of training and knowledge I have acquired in the affordable housing industry. — Kim

I have been an AWI employee since 2012 and can proudly say this has been the most rewarding company I have worked for. It's a great company to work for if you want to learn the proper way on how to administer USDA Government Housing Programs. AWI is strict and demands work to get done but are also supportive and know how to reward good hard-working employees. The Corporate staff and coworkers are polite and amazing to work with. I am extremely thankful for my Regional Manager as well who is nice, supportive, and reliable with 30+ years' experience. She knows how to represent AWI. — Ines

When I came on board as a recent graduate in Business Administration my objective was to work for a company that would allow me to develop my career and grow my skills, and AWI has been extraordinary in doing so. During good times and tough moments, I have learned and been supported by a great knowledgeable team from all levels. Multitasking can be challenging, but AWI is always looking for systems that will educate its employees to grow and sharpen our abilities as Property Managers. I'm proud to be part of AWI Management Corporation team. — Eymy